TechScan Industries
Aircraft Specialties

we have a passion for the restoration of warbirds that has led us to supplying this special industry with  fittings and  parts for the p40 aircraft and others. 

The warbird restoration industry is a thriving community of aviation enthusiasts around the world that we are proud to be able to service with quality replacement parts for their aircraft.

while we have been specializing in p40 parts because of the number of aircraft that have survived over the years, our capabilities allow us to recreate original forgings of aircraft parts for a variety of different airplanes. all of our parts are manufactured from the original blueprints and meet or exceed original material and tolerance specifications.

while we specialize in 3d modeling and machining to replace obsolete forgings that are no longer available, we also manufacture aircraft parts that can be created by conventional machining.

whatever your needs are we will work with you on finding the solution. Making parts is our business and helping you to "keep 'em flying" is an added value. Pricing and delivery upon request.

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